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Your Business Reel is one, if not THE most important facet to your success in any business networking environment.  We are going to help you craft a Business Reel that is clear, concise, and memorable, because how can you expect to receive referrals if people don’t know how to effectively communicate who you are, or can’t remember who you’re looking for.

It is vital to understand not only what goes into a Business Reel, but why you are giving it in the first place.  SBRG is part of your marketing plan, and quality marketing requires consistent messaging.  The consistency of this messaging serves to imprint the information on the minds of whomever encounters it, and week after week, the people encountering your messaging are your fellow chapter members.

In an industry-specific, referral environment, there is an agreement that each member will essentially be the sales force of the other members in their chapter, and it is your responsibility to train your “sales force” on how to most effectively sell you.

Nobody knows you or your business like you do, and nobody in your chapter sees the world the way you do; your Business Reel is the opportunity to change that, and to empower the other members in your chapter to connect you with the types of customers and professionals that are most valuable to you.

There are 9 steps in creating a complete Business Reel, and they are as follows:  

  1. State your name – give the name you would like to go by, professionally.
  2. State your company
  3. State your industry – what industry are you registered under with SBRG?
  4. Explain how you help your clients – what are the services you provide?
  5. Get specific with what differentiates you – your fellow chapter members need to know EXACTLY how to talk about you to the people that they know.  Be sellable!
  6. What consumer pain-point are you solving – why do people need your service?
  7. Give an Industry Referral Request – this is a specific industry that you would like to have in your referral network, to give and receive referrals from.  This may or may not be in your Inner Circle. 
  8. Give a Personal Referral Request – this lets your chapter know what type of consumer you are looking for, at the moment.  The more specific you are, the clearer picture you will paint in the other members’ minds.  Avoid words like anyone or everybody.
  9. Close – state your name, company, and company tagline.  

As important as it is to be able to deliver a quality Business Reel, it is equally as important to be able to hear a quality Business Reel.  As was mentioned before, you have all agreed to be each other’s Sales Force, and that is not a commitment you should take lightly.  Be very intent on listening and take notes every time.  The practice of writing down the highlights and Referral Requests impresses them on the brain far better than by listening on it’s own.

Be a proactive listener, and a great litmus test on how you’re doing is “Can you deliver the Business Reel of the other members in your chapter?”  From time to time, we are going to be suggestion to you Leaders Circle that they try an exercise doing just this, and having each member give the Business Reel of the member to their left or right.  Be prepared by listening each week the intention of being able to deliver each other members’ Business Reel.

We cannot state the importance of consistency in the messaging of your business reel, but don’t be afraid to change it every few months if you feel the information is getting stagnant.

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