SBRG Agenda

Morning agenda sample: (please edit as needed)

Presidents may use and edit this sample agenda accordingly.

7:15am-7:30am – Board Arrives. Arranges meeting with wait-staff. Request checks to be dropped with meals, if applicable.

7:30am-7:45am – Open Networking; Greet guests.


7:45 – Call meeting to order: Ask everyone to mute/turn off Phones and introduce yourself.

7:45-8:00 – Welcome everyone to Your SBRG Chapter – Share a highlight in your week.

Read Mission Statement:

Small Business Referral Group (SBRG) is the premier networking organization, where business owners and professionals are provided the necessary marketing trainings and referral resources that strengthens their business.

Our Mission: To improve the networking experience by providing business professionals the environment and tools to grow their business through long-lasting referral relationships, with a real world attendance policy and no forced referrals.

Introduce your board members. Encourage guests to join – share your SBRG experience.

*if new members — Announce new members with SBRG business card book. Pass it around table for other members to put their cards in it.

Vice President

  • Explain the referral slips and how later in the meeting members will pass referrals, give testimonials on another member, or share who they had a one to one meeting with.
  • Let group know how many passed referrals in the previous month and if any, closed transactions.

Membership Chair

Give update on membership, what the chapter seeks for professions, and update on guests follow-ups, if any.


If applicable, introduce education chair for 5 minutes.

Business Reels: Have members give their Reels first, then guests.

  1. State your name – give the name you would like to go by, professionally.
  2. State your company
  3. State your industry – what industry are you registered under with SBRG?
  4. Explain how you help your clients – what are the services you provide?
  5. Get specific with what differentiates you – your fellow chapter members need to know EXACTLY how to talk about you to the people that they know.  Be sellable!
  6. What consumer pain-point are you solving – why do people need your service?
  7. Give an Industry Referral Request – this is a specific industry that you would like to have in your referral network, to give and receive referrals from.  This may or may not be in your Inner Circle. 
  8. Give a Personal Referral Request – this lets your chapter know what type of consumer you are looking for, at the moment.  The more specific you are, the clearer picture you will paint in the other members’ minds.  Avoid words like anyone or everybody.
  9. Close – state your name, company, and company tagline.

Introduce Education Chair so they can read Speaker’s Bio. Allow 10-15 minute for member’s business presentation. Guest Speaker/Round-table – allow 15-20 mins, if possible.

Member Spotlight: Member’s Business Presentation, Guest Speaker, Round-table Discussion or Topic from Leadership team.

Referral Session:

Introduce/ lead in to the referral session -pass referrals, give testimonials/shout-outs, or report on 1 on 1’s throughout the week. Members should be encouraged to say something here.

Use glass, box, or some container to collect and pass referrals + closed business slips.

Wrap up meeting: Think of this as an exclusive referral group. People get in with invitation only and referrals are only passed to chapter members.

Thank everyone for coming. Encourage members to schedule 1-1s. Thank guests! & give applications.

Meeting Adjourned –

Collect items and update chapter stats in the RORtrak.