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  • First step – is to just relax. We are all people and are ready to be lead by your awesomeness.
  • Keep in mind – whoever is standing has the center of attention of the room. If your members start getting off course from the agenda- you’re the leader and it’s simple to bring them back to focus. I usually just say: “OK – Come on back everyone.”
  • Not to worry about making mistakes because no one will ever know but you. Just keep the meeting moving along.
  • Practice the agenda! Reading from a paper or losing focus or not speaking genuinely can cause a meeting go off course.
  • STAND every chance you get! Leaders show who is leading when they stand, no matter if all of your members sit. Stand, during announcements, passing referrals, greeting a guest or a member, or any chance you get. It also earns respect.
  • Be On Time! It’s critical for leadership to be there at least 10 minutes early before meeting time on agenda. Meet the guests, greet the members and if another member brings a guest, you’ll be there to be introduced + it’s another respect to the chapter.



  1. Call Meeting to Order – Welcome Members and Guests. Read SBRG Mission Statement (good practice to have other members read it).
  2. 60 Second Commercials – If time allows occasionally come up with a fun question for members to add on after commercial. “What is your favorite food?”, etc.
  3. Presentations – New or Curren Member Business Presentation, Guest Speaker, Round-Table Topic or Chapter Group Exercise
  4. Referral Session – Report referrals with referral slips + closed business, shout-outs/testimonials, 1-1 reports.