Dear Chapter President: This is your time to shine, and your value to the success of your chapter and each of its members cannot be overstated. Be clear throughout the SBRG agenda, refer to the Thrival Guide’s 2-1-1, and help your chapter commit to good attendance, while bringing their best values and abilities.

Through your inspiring leadership, bring an idea to your chapter each month that everyone can do together that can help each other’s marketing or something along those lines. Demonstrating your dedication to your members will lead to more referrals for you and your entire chapter. You know you can always contact me for ideas, resources, concerns or to simply connect.

Thanks for all you do! – Chris Williams | Chairman, SBRG Inc.

Role for President

  1. Officiate weekly chapter meeting using the SBRG Meeting Agenda
  2. Attend SBRG events (Mixers, Leaders’ Circle events)
  3. Remind members about what it takes to grow their business within SBRG
  4. Communications about meetings and events, weekly reminder
  5. Train and prepare incoming President on their roles and responsibilities


  • Weekly emails sent or any communication of meeting reminders with start time and speaker.
  • SBRG Agenda with Mission Statement and Core Values
  • SBRG Thrival Guide
  • SBRG business card book for any new members
  • Set table with referral slips, pens, menus, etc.
  • List of available professions your chapter is looking for
  • Business card box for members (if applicable)
  • Email in case of any chapter needs or member questions.


  • Every meeting: Start on time and end on time. Best practice: Adjourn the Leaders Circle 15 BEFORE START TIME.
  • Keep your chapter on track to agenda. In case of any side-tracked agenda, its simple to say “Ok everyone – come on back.”
  • Make standing-every-time-you-speak a consistent practice.
  • Meet and greet every guest and member.
  • Stay in good communication with all members of your Leaders Circle.
  • Make sure your V.P, as well as other Leaders Circle, understands the chapter agenda – in case, they need to run the meeting for you in your absence.
  • We encourage weekly meeting reminders of chapter or other SBRG special events.
  • Love your chapter! They help make all your role easier.

“We imagine our community members return home each day feeling fulfilled by the work they do. Together, we can inspire more people and make a difference in all the ways we trust in each other and refer.” -Chris Williams

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