Company Name: American Pacific Mortgage

Member: Grant Warren Clifford | Loan Officer – NMLS 1514155-1850


What we do: Since 1996, American Pacific Mortgage has been helping customers reach their goal of home-ownership. We have a proven track record of what we do best: getting results. This is evident as we are continually a top 10 mortgage banker in the Western United States, by loan volume.

We are nimble in our day-to-day operations and fanatical about the level of service and support we provide to our customers. I’ve chosen to align myself with APM because of their creative loan product options, their high technology focus and their commitment to the communities they serve.

Every client has their own unique goals and APM’s expansive list of creative loan products lets me help each person meet theirs. Buyers with little to no down payment would traditionally have to wait and save 20%, but now they can purchase with as little as 3% using Conventional financing, and even less using down payment assistance programs. Not enough income to qualify for your dream home? We have a product that will let you use the rents of future roommates to qualify. No matter what your challenges are, APM has a lending solution to help.

APM’s use of technology is making the mortgage process easier every day. Now instead of collecting piles of documentation to verify income and assets, we can verify directly with employers and banking institutions – in some cases we don’t need any documentation at all. Eliminating excess paperwork saves time and gets your loan closed faster.

Above all, I was driven to American Pacific Mortgage for their commitment to the communities we serve. APM has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to support local non-profits which have provided shelter, food and other services to those in need. APM continues to be an industry leader thanks to our innovative approach to lending. We’re solution focused and will find a way to help you with your goal of home ownership. Call me to find out how easy it can be!

Phone: (971) 404-1674