Membership Chair

Dear Membership Chair: You’re our networking champion! Your chapter will thrive because of you, and with guests and new members as your #1 priority, follow up and New Member training will be your greatest tools.  Your fellow members and leaders will appreciate you taking good care of their guests as they will also feel confident to bring more members because they trust your follow up.

The best part I love about being Membership Chair, is you get to get your name out there to guests, whether they join your chapter or another SBRG chapter. Look at all the FREE marketing you get!

Thanks for all you do! -Chris Williams | SBRG Chairman

Role for Membership ChairSBRG Thrival Guide: Section I

  1. Greet all guests and introduce them to the Leaders
  2. Meet with all guests about joining SBRG
  3. Communicate what it means to be a member
  4. Follow up with calls/texts for potential members
  5. Ensure new members complete the New Member Checklist
  6. Manage the Chapter Roster through the Tracker


  • Follow-up with a phone call or email to guests within 48 hours of meeting. See sample email below.
  • Re-invite Guest back to your next meeting or event 48-72 hours prior to.
  • CC your SBRG Leaders Circle and your area Director on any email communications with guest.
  • Communicate with President and V.P. to be a sounding board for pending membership applications.
  • If application received, add your new member to current chapter roster.
  • Have any FAQ’s ready to be answered.
  • All applications must be turned in to President.


  • Have a set email template ready to go along with an attached SBRG application when following up via email. See sample email below.
  • Have SBRG applications on hand.
  • Every meeting: Start on time and end on time. Best practice: Adjourn the Leaders Circle 15 BEFORE START TIME.
  • Help keep your chapter motivated.

SAMPLE EMAIL for GUEST FOLLOW-UP (free to edit as needed)


On behalf of SBRG (NAME OF CHAPTER), I wanted to express our gratitude for visiting our referral chapter this morning, and let you know we’re excited at the prospect of you joining our SBRG community family!

We are hoping we can pass you our referral business from our chapter. Our Leaders Circle is included in this email, so please feel free to reach out to any of us with questions or concerns.

Thanks & hope to see you next (Day of meeting).

Your signature.

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