Referrals. Relationships. Results.

We’ve Passed More Than 10,000 Qualified Referrals and Closed Well Over 5 Million Dollars of New Business Through Our Community Since 2014.

SBRG Members are always “Top of Mind” when there is a referral need. In SBRG, all Members are encouraged to learn from each other the best referral is for them.

With Your SBRG Referral Chapter Membership, You Will Get:

  • 1 Seat Representing Your Profession in the Referral Chapter You’ve Selected
  • More Business Prospects & Relationships That Will Last a Lifetime
  • Qualified Referrals (referrals given not out of a demanded quota nor pressure)
  • No Hidden Corporate Fees nor Additional Dues Sprung on You
  • Valuable Networking Opportunities

Marketing Courses and New Business Ideas

Improve Your Marketing and Grow Your Business Through Our

Members’ Resource Center with 24/7 Access.

Included with your SBRG Referral Chapter Membership, is exclusive access to the new Members’ Resource Center available 24/7 online.

Shared strategies are powered by 5 Star Marketing & other Members who shared their awesomeness with us so we can support those who want to grow.

Here Are Just a Few Courses and Marketing Subjects You Will Have Exclusive Access 24/7 to:

  • SBRG Referral Training Course: How to Receive Quality Referrals from Your Community
  • Marketing Courses and Marketing Tool Insights and Trainings
  • Full Directory Listing of All Chapters and Members
  • And More…seriously…Lots More!

Social Hours & Community Mixers

Have Fun and Relax While Meeting Other SBRG Members.

It’s the Best Way to Network While Making New Friends & New Business Opportunities.

When an SBRG Chapter hosts their own Social Hours or show case their chapter through our Breakfast Mixer Series, you meet more Members from across the county and create new professional relationships. We also encourage you to visit other chapters to just stop in and say ‘Hi’!

When You Attend SBRG Social Hours and Visit Other Chapters, You Will:

  • Make More Contacts and Start New Business Relationships
  • Position Your Business for New Growth
  • Increase Your Business Exposure More by Getting Your Name Out into the Community
  • Generate New Business & Marketing Ideas

SBRG Social Sharing

LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram

Market & Share Your Business “Anything” in SBRG’s Social Groups & Pages.

We allow Members to fully utilize our social media groups and pages to promote their business within reasonable manners.

You can use our private Facebook group, Facebook business page and LinkedIn group with over 2,300 online Members to: share their business offers, special announcements, events, surveys, job search, :

  • Share Your Business Offers
  • Post Special Announcements About Your Business
  • Share and Invite Members to Your Events
  • Survey Participation
  • Job Searches
  • Direct Referrals
  • Feedback on Business Ideas
  • Connect with other SBRG Members from All Over the Counties
  • Get Recommendations

Leadership Opportunities with

Free Training and Unlimited Support


“Managers work to see numbers grow. Leaders work to see people grow.”

– Simon Sinek

We believe in leadership because it makes a difference in the way we lead our businesses, our clients to the solutions they need and it helps people both personally and professionally.

We take pride in all our leaders who have overcome some of their own biggest obstacles that lied in their way of growth. We give FREE training to any leaders that step-up and show their care for their chapter.

When You Become a Leader in SBRG Leaders’ Circle, You Will:

  • Have Special Access to the Leaders’ Circle Training Center Online
  • Have Full Support from SBRG Chairman, Chris Williams
  • Gain Confidence Within Leading Your Peers
  • Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking (if any)
  • Increase Your Business Exposure
  • Build Credibility in SBRG Community & Create Life-Long Relationships
  • Discover Your Leadership is Key to New Levels of Success
  • Grow Personally & Professionally
  • Receive Discounts on SBRG Membership Renewals + Special Recognition and Fun Gifts

SBRG Community Sponsorship Program

Special Thanks to Our Community Sponsors Because They Care About All Our Members in More Way Than One.

SBRG Community Sponsors give financially every single month so we can provide more for our Members. They support us with chapter materials, marketing expenses and make our special events and social hours fun because sometimes, we get fed good food too! That always makes a member smile 🙂

We love our SBRG Community Sponsors and in return, we promote their business while they extend special offers to SBRG Members and their referrals.

When You Become a SBRG Community Sponsor, You Will:

  • Gain More Online Exposure
  • Reach More SBRG Members Faster
  • Get Promoted on SBRG Small Biz Saturday Campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Get up to 4 Seats in the Right Referral Chapter for You and/or Your Team and Staff
  • Increase Your Business Exposure
  • Build Credibility and Recognition in SBRG Community Fast
  • Get Community Recognition at SBRG Joint Chapter Mixers and Anniversary Parties

Constant Contact Email &

Social Media Marketing

Looking to get more out of your email and social media marketing?

Here’s our favorite marketing platform that gives you

everything under one roof.

Why Choose Constant Contact?

Not only will you get expert help to get you set-up and started but we can even run your campaigns for you while growing your lists and social media presence. Higher open rates, faster conversions and more visibility is why you will want Constant Contact as your email marketing hub.

Constant Contact is your one-stop-marketing-hub that allows you to create, schedule and push all your social media updates and your branded email marketing needs.

  • 400+ Templates – Including Mobile Friendly Designs
  • Email Automation
  • Call-to-Action Campaigns
  • Live Tracking Results
  • Higher Open Rates
  • Signup Forms and Lead Pages
  • Events with RSVP Collecting
  • Shopify and Other 3rd Party Payment Integrations
  • Custom Survey Templates with Live Results
  • Facebook Opt-In Campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing with Year Round Automation
  • 98% Delivery Rate (Regular email averages 77%)
  • 650,000+ Active Customers Who Trust Our Easy-to-Use Email Marketing Tools