Hi and thank you for visiting our Small Business Referral Group site!

Now the next step, is to connect in person. I mean…we can’t learn how to refer each other if we just keep reading each other’s websites all day….right?

I invite you personally to visit any of our chapters and see for yourself one of the best networking communities ever created. I say that because SBRG members experience what networking really is about and support each other through new business opportunites that matter.

I must warn you though, you will find our leaders give all our guests a warm welcome and you will see we are not “fans” of forced referral quotas or network out of fear.

We care about each other & take the extra steps necessary to help someone out.

When members get together at SBRG Referral Chapters, its like friends and family having a great time getting together, supporting each other in business while having fun.  

On behalf of all SBRG Leaders and Members, we look forward to networking with you. —Chris Williams – Founder & Chairman | Small Business Referral Group, LLC.

“Our members are awesome to network with because of their passion and commitment to making their business successful and they make referring other members a priority. They are not only leaders in their own business but they also bring their best everyday to our SBRG community and their professionalism thrives.” cw.


As an entrepreneur, Marketing Strategist & Founder of 5 Star Marketing University, (founded in 2006) Chris put his best marketing practices to work organizing one of the best networking organizations in the county of San Diego and Riverside counties.

Small Business Referral Group™ (SBRG) formed in May 2014 and continues to serve its purpose supporting business professionals and owners in this unique by-application-only community.

If you are an ambitious business owner, sales professional, or entrepreneur who is interested in growing your business and networking with other small businesses who care, we invite you to visit us.

SBRG and Chris Williams provides members with networking education and resources along with best marketing practices so members can generate quality leads while growing their contacts.

SBRG provides a unique networking environment that fosters relationships between hundreds of small business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals who want to expand their reach with brand awareness and grow their networks.

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