How to Give Your Best Business Presentation…and Get More Referrals From It

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No matter the networking organization or group you belong to, your business presentation is the best way to build trust within your group. Even having your in-person presentation in order when you’re meeting with potential clients face to face, delivers credibility. And once credibility is earned, you have gained trust, which will result into more referred business.

Your business presentation needs to do 3 things: 

  1. Deliver a clear message in the first 50 seconds of who you are, the company you represent and how you help your clients/customers. A clear message means that people don’t have to think to hard to simply understand what it is exactly what you do for a living.
  2. Make something memorable from your presentation: Make your audience write! Handouts are good, flyers work but a quiz or something that gives your audience something to pay attention for, always works! Not that creative? Have them right down your name, number and email on a blank piece of paper at the end of your presentation. Be interactive with your audience!
  3. Be enthusiastic! Show your passion of what your believe in and how it really helps your audience. Demonstrate your credibility for what you do and be proud of it. Showing your enthusiasm and energy for what you do and believe in, brings the same credibility to your audience, who will now share their referrals or possible a face to face meeting.

Remember – everyone present is there to support you. Follow these guides and you will be awesome!

The 3 Parts to Your Business Presentations

That Will Help You Be Referable


  1. YOUR ICE BREAKER: We’ve all been there, doing a presentation in front of a client or a room full of people. Your SBRG chapter is there to support you so don’t be nervous at all. It will be the best 10 minutes of your day! In fact, this is the best part of your presentation because you get to win them over to like you immediately!

BIG TIP: When starting your presentation, give your audience one of the following:

  • a compliment
  • a fact to share
  • an inspiring tip for the day
  • or even a clean joke to ease them up a bit and connect with you.

2. CASE SCENARIOS: Keep this part simple by not over sharing sensitive information about how you’ve helped your client(s) but create the problem, the urgent need and how you resolved your clients needs.

REMEMBER THIS: SBRG Thrival Guide: Section I

  • Pick 2 of your best clients you’ve helped and spend about 2 minutes on each on their case scenarios.
  • Without mentioning your client’s name or their business, share their industry, their challenges or needs and how you helped them.
  • This presentation will remind us who you can help and the benefits your clients get by working with you.

3. SPECIFIC ASKS: Again…keep it simple! Share something informative about your industry’s challenges and create the problem your clients’ may be up against before they hired you. Then, let your audience know what they could be listening for in conversations.


  1. Industry Referral Request – this is a specific industry that you would like to have in your referral network, to give and receive referrals from.  This may or may not be in your SBRG Chapter.
  2. Personal Referral Request – this let’s your SBRG Chapter or audience know what type of consumer you are looking for, at the moment.  The more specific you are, the clearer picture you will paint in the other members’ minds.


  • In every presentation whether its 30 seconds or 30 minutes: Avoid words like anyone or everybody.
  • Video below is an example business presentation for SBRG Referral Chapter Members. Just click play!

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