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What is a “Referral Partner”

and Why Do I Need One?

by Chris Williams, Founder | SBRG, Inc.

“Success is not a given nor can be reached alone. Success happens because of your trusted network of people.”

When it comes to networking, we often think that it’s best to get to know anyone and everyone out there regardless of their business or industry.

While you can make a lot of valuable connections that way, there are some strategies that might get you better results if you become a little more targeted and purposeful with your network.

“How to Give Your Best Business Presentation…

and Get More Referrals From It”

by Chris Williams, Founder | SBRG, Inc.

“Get the thought out of your head that it’s all about you when presenting. Connecting with your audience, should be your first place of focus.”

No matter the networking organization or group you belong to, your business presentation is the best way to build trust within your group. Even having your in-person presentation in order when you’re meeting with potential clients face to face, delivers credibility. And once credibility is earned, you have gained trust, which will result into more referred business.

Your business presentation needs to do 3 things:

  1. Deliver a clear message in the first 50 seconds of who you are, the company you represent and how you help your clients/customers. A clear message means …



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Start with Your WHY

Simon Sinek explains this theory the best when it comes to starting with our WHY when we are marketing our business and networking.

Simon is a motivational speaker and marketing consultant. He is the author of four books, including Start With Why (2009).

Understand your WHY, HOW and WHAT with Simon Sinek.

Our Favorite Books That Grow Us Personally and Professionally

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