SBRG Membership FAQ’s

How much is it to join SBRG?

For about $40 a month or about $10 per week ($495 per year), SBRG will be the best marketing investment you made this year. Check out our home page and see all your benefits.

How is SBRG different than some other networks?

Our SBRG members is what makes us great and unlike other networking communities, they base their membership on fees, dues and hard-to-meet obligations where we focus on our members, first.

While it could help others grow professionally, some of us prefer putting relationships first, which has proven to turn into life-long referrals and trusted referral partners. We focus on supporting one another, allowing members to feel safe to practice and perfect their networking and marketing.

Are there any other hidden fees?

No pointless unnecessary  fees. No weekly chapter dues. No entry fees at SBRG mixers. No poor performance penalties. No other B.S. fees.

  • Industry Exclusivity in Your Chapter
  • Real-world Attendance Policy
  • No Forced Referrals
  • Complimentary Business Networking Guide & Weekly Education
  • Accountability Tracker for Your Business’ Growth
  • Free Tickets to All SBRG Sponsored Mixers & Events
  • Leadership Opportunities that will Grow Your Business
  • Public Business Listing and Social Media Sharing with SBRG

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We Focus On Leadership and Relationships, Not Just Numbers.