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  1. Is SBRG like BNI or TEAM or LeTip? No. Not in their structure at least. SBRG is different because we don’t have stringent rules or force referrals at each meeting. We allow members to network more freely so they will want to refer you, not because they have to. Plus we are a fraction of the cost because we don’t force weekly dues or corporate fees upon members and leaders.

  2. Where are the SBRG By-Laws? — Chairman Chris Williams sends them after you’re approved via email in your Welcome email.

  3. What are the attendance requirements? — You can miss 1 (one) meeting per month in case life or business happens without any worries. If it is going to be a lengthy time, please be in communication to your Chapter President or leadership team about it. We encourage all members to attend every meeting because the more you attend, the more members will earn trust with you and refer you more. If you miss several meetings without communication, you could be demonstrating to your chapter they aren’t that important to you and members may become hesitant on passing referrals your way or simply forget to because of absences.

  4. What are the fees? $295 a year with a 1x $75 application fee. You are grandfathered in at $295 per year if you renew.

  5. Do I have to bring referrals every week? — Nope. But we do encourage 1-1s which are meetings outside of the chapter meeting times, which helps build trust with members and shows credibility in your participation to the group. Also, 1-1s is where you really understand how to refer someone in the group and same for you. We want to learn how to refer you.

  6. What happens if I am going to miss a long period of time in the chapter? Do your best to send anyone you know, or another member, to substitute for you so your business can still be represented.


  7. What is a Community Sponsor?  They are members who contribute monthly dues instead of yearly dues so SBRG Community chapters can grow and provide materials for members needs and food at SBRG social hours.


  8. WHY SBRG?
  • Great Leadership Opportunities
  • Referral Partnerships
  • Exclusive Community Social Hours and Special Events
  • Business Promoting
  • Guest Speaking Opportunities to other Chapters in SBRG
  • New Lead Generation
  • Free Referral Training and Marketing Resources on Members Only on SBRG website
  • Business Support
  • No Forced Referrals
  • No Weekly Fees or Hidden Dues
  • Private Directory Listing and Access to All SBRG Chapter Directories
  • Visit Other Chapters within SBRG
  • Network with Awesome Business Professionals