Education Chair

Dear Education Chair: This powerful role serves the chapter with a 5 minute education piece each week and you can get any content from SBRG’s Thrival Guide. Also, if something you find any other business/motivational articles that are beneficial for your chapter, make it part of your educational moments.

You even get to keep the Member Spotlight schedule in order, invite guest speakers, and have fun while reading their bios as your introduce them.  This your time to showcase your expertise and present yourself well as your members will appreciate every time you present..

Thanks for all you do! -Chris Williams | SBRG Chairman


  1. Set up and maintain weekly Member SpotlightSBRG 2nd Year Anniversary Party 42schedule
  2. Find members/guest speakers for chapter meetings
  3. Have each speaker fill out BIO sheet and introduce them
  4. Educate weekly on a portion of the Thrival Guide
  5. Highlight a weekly assignment/goal for members
  6. Bring educational/motivational information each week


  • Have chapter’s Member Spotlight schedule with you at all meetings and make changes as needed.
  • Be ready to announce upcoming speakers at meetings.
  • Have Speaker BIO Sheet filled out by speaker and be ready to introduce him/her.


  • When sharing your 5 minute presentation,be sure your subject is of value to your fellow members and not as an opportunity to sell your services or products.
  • Stay in good communication with the upcoming speaker, in case of any reschedules.
  • Remind speaker at least 1 week prior to their upcoming presentation.
  • Only featured speakers/presenters need to fill out a Speakers BIO.
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