Constant Contact – Email Marketing

Why Choose Constant Contact?

Not only will you get expert help to get you set-up and started but we can even run your campaigns for you while growing your lists and social media presence. Higher open rates, faster conversions and more visibility is why you will want Constant Contact as your email marketing hub.

Constant Contact is your one-stop-marketing-hub that allows you to create, schedule and push all your social media updates and your branded email marketing needs.

  • 400+ Templates – Including Mobile Friendly Designs
  • Email Automation
  • Call-to-Action Campaigns
  • Live Tracking Results
  • Higher Open Rates
  • Signup Forms and Lead Pages
  • Events with RSVP Collecting
  • Shopify and Other 3rd Party Payment Integrations
  • Custom Survey Templates with Live Results
  • Facebook Opt-In Campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing with Year Round Automation
  • 98% Delivery Rate (Regular email averages 77%)
  • 650,000+ Active Customers Who Trust Our Easy-to-Use Email Marketing Tools