Don't Settle for Less. Brotman Law protects your prosperity from the IRS and California Tax Authorities.


We believe you can achieve great things when freed from the burdens of your tax problems. Our clients help and heal others, build and design, run businesses and households, and seemingly move mountains on an almost daily basis. They excel at being great parents, sons, daughters, spouses, and friends. They dream big and swing for the fences, even if it means that they sometimes stumble. Our clients inspire us, we admire them as people, and that is why we advocate tirelessly on their behalf.

At its core, our tax attorney/client relationship is a partnership between you and us. You give us your trust and your commitment to the process and we give you our commitment to achieving your objectives and protecting your rights. You deserve to live your life, take care of your family, enjoy your prosperity, and have privacy free from the interference of the IRS and the state. You deserve to have the fear, anxiety, and misinformation that surrounds tax matters removed in order to see things clearly. You deserve to not have your life consumed by the IRS and/or the state.

Tax problems are best solved on your own terms and should not hinder the things that matter most to you. Our clients understand and embrace that line of thinking. In speaking with us, we hope you will too.