Chapter Check List

Good leadership is always human. It takes time and energy. It is hard work. Which is why good leadership is so special when we find it. -Simon Sinek

Every chapter finds their own dynamic and the right members will join. Some groups like long tables so they can feel closer to their peers while some like the horse shoe style of meeting setting. No matter the setting, here are the things members look for at every meeting.


  • Weekly email or any communication reminder to guests and members for upcoming meeting/events
  • Any SBRG fliers or rack cards to set out for guests
  • SBRG Agenda with Mission Statement
  • SBRG business card book
  • Set table with referral slips, pens and leadership team present
  • List of available professions your chapter is looking for
  • Business card box for members (if applicable)
  • Report to SBRG Chairman in case of any chapter or member concerns.

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