What is a Referral Partner and Why Do I Need One?

When it comes to networking, we often think that it’s best to get to know anyone and everyone out there regardless of their business or industry. While you can make a lot of valuable connections [...]

How to Give Your Best Business Presentation…and Get More Referrals From It

©2019 by SBRG, Inc. www. sbrg.us No matter the networking organization or group you belong to, your business presentation is the best way to build trust within your group. Even having your [...]

Course 2: Tips for Your Next Face-to-Face Meeting

In this section: Short video tutorial What is a Face to Face? Key tips Questions and topics to guide you through your 1-1 What is a Face to Face (1 to 1)? The intention of a Face to Face meeting [...]

Social Media – Market Your Business with SBRG

 ©2018 by SBRG San Diego Did you know SBRG has our own Facebook and LinkedIn Page? It’s easy to promote your business and share articles that could help your online presence, build your [...]

10 Most Important Words to Use When Networking

Isn’t this true – We use language every day but tend to take it for granted. We aren’t always aware of the impact our words will have on others whether they are family, clients, [...]

Identify Your Priorities

One of my favorite books of all time is “How Successful People Think” by John C. Maxwell. I’ve only read it once, studied it once and implemented everything. It has made my [...]

5 Things That Will Always Assure You Success

As an entrepreneur who has brought many businesses back to life that were once on the path of failure, there are 5 things that carried us through all the tough times and hurdled over any foreseen [...]

Course 1: 60 Second Commercial

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Your Business Reel

©2019 by SBRG San Diego. All content may not be republished or used for any matter without written permission. Your Business Reel is one, if not THE most important aspects to your success in any [...]

Wave Accounting

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