About Us

OUR MISSION: We Believe in Helping Business Professionals & Entrepreneurs Grow Their Referral Network While Supporting Them Through an Excellent Networking Community, Shared Business Resources, and Inspiring Leadership Opportunities.

Chris Williams | Founder, Chairman

SBRG was built on expert marketer Chris Williams’ foundation of success through 5 Star Marketing University (2006-2017), where small business owners and entrepreneurs master-minded together about current marketing trends and strategies.

Since May 2014, SBRG has road-mapped the successful journey of creating a community allowing members to network effectively, learn new marketing tools, get business support from their chapter peers and embrace leadership opportunities.

We love our Members and Leaders who give back to each other because they care. Our SBRG Community thrives today with over 200 members locally in San Diego, including East and North County, and now expanding into Riverside counties and beyond.

Learn. Network Grow. Be Inspired.

I had the privileges to work for and be mentored by some of today’s most successful business leaders like Anthony Robbins, and Greg Koch, Co-founder of Stone Brew Co., who’ve inspired me, taught me the truths behind entrepreneurship and always told me “Never Quit”.


It was in 2014, I saw a gap in the networking market place and heard from the small business community that they wish there was a referral community that would be more generous with their memberships.


As I was inspired by another networking colleague to fulfill the demand of doing something different in networking,  I took the charge of being a leader to help design that perfect networking community for those that did not fit in with the high corporate groups or other communities that seemed to lose direction after a short while.


SBRG was built by a self-made entrepreneur and built by the members who love networking without the focus on corporately styles of referral groups where instead, SBRG referrals are community compelled, not required. We cross refer and network every month and gives value each time a member attends their chapter or any SBRG event.

Today, Small Business Referral Group will continue reaching out business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals stay in tune with today’s marketing word while enhancing referable relationships.

Our purpose is to help every member grow, both personally and professionally, through our leadership journey together while providing the tools needed to network and do business more efficiently.