About Us

OUR MISSION:  To empower professionals by providing the environment and the tools to grow their business through long-lasting referral relationships, with a real world attendance policy and no forced referrals.

Chris Williams | Founder, Chairman

SBRG was built on expert marketer Chris Williams’ foundation of success through 5 Star Marketing Community (2006-2014), where small business owners and entrepreneurs master-minded about current marketing trends and strategies.

With the demand in the market place for the networking experience to be changed, SBRG started in May 2014 lead by Chris Williams and just 3 members, with one purpose at task: Look to Benefit Others First. This became our #1 core value.

SBRG has provided a new way to grow any small business through the environment and community that allows members to connect authentically, without any pressure, unrealistic expectations or “hard-to-keep” bylaws.

We love our members because they not only look to benefit others first but they embrace leadership and truly care for each other.

We are SBRG! Come network with us.

Our SBRG Community thrives today with over 200 members and 20+ chapters throughout Southern California and beyond.

Learn. Network. Grow. Be Inspired.

It was my leaders and mentors who I got to work closely with during my marketing career, who inspired and shown me that business is about: Relationships.

I’ve had the privilege to work for and be mentored by some of today’s most successful business leaders like Anthony Robbins, Greg Koch Co-founder of Stone Brew Co, Joe Stumpf, Dan Kennedy, Rick Touchton and many others. All have shared their stories of determination and perseverance, inspiring many of us and telling me, “Never Quit”.

Today, Small Business Referral Group will continue reaching out business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals stay in tune with today’s marketing word while enhancing referable relationships.

Our purpose is to help every member grow, both personally and professionally, through our leadership journey together while providing the tools needed to network and do business more efficiently.