Networking with SBRG

SBRG is where professionals
go to improve their sales and marketing while making new
connections for life.

SBRG is the networking community throughout Southern California that supports business professionals through developing new business and referral relationships that last a life time.

Develop Your Networking Skills.

Belong to a Referral Chapter and Grow Your Your Referral Network.

Improve Your Marketing.

Get Exclusive Access 24/7 to Online Members Resource Center and Marketing Webinars.

Get Financial


Members Help Fund Other Members During a Life-Threatening Emergency.


We Believe in Supporting Business Professionals By Providing Them a Networking Community That Focuses on Referral Based-Relationships So Members Can Grow Their Bottom-line with Those They Know, Like and Trust.

Since May 2014, SBRG has brought professionals together who have learned leadership, new marketing resources and improved upon their business skills, together. SBRG has become the networking community that allows real referred business to happen and because of the support each member gives to their peers, is what gives us the excellence needed in leadership and new business development through trusted relationships.